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A Definition

roost•er bear (ˈru stər - 'ber) n. (Gallus Ursus Carnivorus)

: any one of a group of large and heavy male domestic fowlish animals that have thick hair and sharp claws and that can stand on two legs like a person; something that is difficult to do or deal with.


A rooster bear (often called a cockerel bear) is a male gallinaceous bird-mammal-monster that enjoys playing rugby. It usually is considered fictitious, but no evidence has been proven to that effect.


During the daytime, he usually sits on a high perch, in a chair off the ground to serve as a contributing member to society in some kind of occupational role. However, and most often on Saturdays, he will sound a distinctive alarm call if predators are nearby and commences a full match of rugby, usually 40 to 80 minutes in duration.


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